Esholt War Memorial Institute  - RULES

(As amended and adapted at the Meeting of the Management Committee held 6th July 1923)


That this Institute be called the “ESHOLT WAR MEMORIAL INSTITUTE”
That its objects shall be :-

To provide means for social intercourse amongst its members, reading and recreation
Non-sectarian and non-political

That: -

Residents in the parish of Esholt of the age of six-teen years and upwards both male and female, shall be eligible for membership on nomination by two members and election by vote of the majority of the members present and voting at a duly constituted meeting of the Committee of Management
Residents outside the Parish of Esholt of the age of sixteen years and upwards, both male and female, may also be admitted to membership at the discretion of the Committee of Management, and subject to the conditions laid down in sub-section (a) of this rule.

That the annual subscription be, be payable in advance on the first of January, shall be as follows :-

Donors of One Guinea and upwards shall be placed on the List of Patrons

            Male Members ….       10/-

            Female Members …      5/-

            All Members shall at their election pay an entrance fee of 1/-

The Committee Management may allow subscriptions to be paid quarterly in advance, but intermittent membership shall not be allowed

            Each person on admission to membership shall receive a copy of the rules

and a card of membership, which card shall be produced to any member or servant of the Committee if so required before being admitted into the Institute

Any Member whose subscription is in arrears shall, upon receiving notice from the Secretary pay such arrears within fourteen days from the date of such notice, failing which he or she shall cease to participate in the privileges of the Institute; and any person ceasing to be a member shall not be re-admitted to membership without the payment of all arrears.
That the management and control shall be vested in a committee which shall consist of the duly elected members of the Committee, and the Members created by the Trust Deed, here following, namely:

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Sewage Committee of the Corporation of Bradford. The Chairman of the Esholt Parish Council. The CED Crane, Vicar of the Parish of Esholt. Joseph Garfield, Esq. M Inst. Sewage Works Engineer to the Corporation of Bradford.
The Elective Committee shall consist of twelve persons, whether male or female, as shall be elected at and by the Annual General Meeting to be held as nearly as possible to the twelfth day of December in every year. All nominations under this sub-section to be in writing setting forth the names and addresses of the candidates and their proposers and to be in the hands of the Secretary fourteen days before the election so as to permit of such names being posted at least seven days before the election. No proposer shall nominate more than two candidates, and no member under the age of twenty-one years shall hold office.
Members elected to the Committee shall serve three years, one third to retire annually, and shall be eligible for re-election, but they shall be deemed to continue in office until their successors be appointed. Five members shall form a quorum at any meeting of the Management Committee.

The Committee Management, may fill any vacancy occasioned by resignation or otherwise, arising at any time between the dates of the two Annual Meetings, but any Member so elected shall hold office only until the next Annual Meeting. It shall, however, be competent for the Committee to continue to act notwithstanding vacancies.
At the commencement of each year of office the Committee shall elect a Chairman and Deputy Chairman from amongst its Members, In the absence of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman shall take the Chair, or if he be not present, then such other person as the Members present shall appoint shall take the chair.
All questions shall be decided by the votes of the majority of those present and voting thereon, if they constitute a quorum. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
The Management Committee shall hold its meetings the first Friday in each month and shall have power (1) to appoint sub-committees; (2) to make regulations; and (3) to do anything not inconsistent with these rules which they may deem expedient in the interests of the Institute.       All proceedings shall be accurately recorded in a book provided for the purpose.
Any Member neglecting for three consecutive occasions to attend its Meetings without due cause, shall receive notice of such neglect from the Secretary, and failing to attend the next meeting or to give satisfactory reasons for his or her absence shall cease to be a Member of the Committee.
Any twelve Members shall have power to call an extra-ordinary or Special General Meeting of the Members by giving fourteen days notice in writing to The Secretary, stating the business of the proposed meeting.
Each sub-committee appointed by the Management Committee shall elect its own officers, and the proceedings of any such sub-committee shall be confirmed with or without alteration by the Management Committee. The following shall be regarded         as standing sub-committees and their duties shall be :-      

Finance Sub-Committee :      To control and direct the finances of the Institute, and to fix all charges for the letting thereof. To direct and superintend all accounts and payments relating thereto.           To direct and superintend the purchase of all materials and requisites that may be required.   

Sports Sub-Committee :        To promote, encourage and extend recreation, and to make such recommendations to the Management Committee as may from time to time be rendered or considered necessary, and shall be responsible to the Finance Committee for all monies received for games.

Entertainments Sub-Committee :     To promote and extend the educational and social facilities of the Institute, and to make such recommendations to the Management Committee as shall from time to time be rendered or considered necessary.

Two Auditors, who shall not be members of the Management Committee, shall be appointed to hold office for two years, one to retire and one to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
Any Member leaving the district and unable to participate in the privileges of the Institute, shall be placed on an Honorary list, but shall not be entitled to a vote at any meeting whatsoever.
No Member shall be allowed to introduce as a friend any person who has been rejected, suspended, or expelled by the Committee, and no friend shall be introduced by a Member more than once in each calendar month.          Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their friends, and all visitors shall enter their names in the book provided for that purpose.
No obscene language, gambling, or betting of any kind shall be allowed in the Institute, nor shall any game be played for money or money’s worth, except in the case of handicaps, etc., arranged by the committee. Neither shall any intoxicating liquors be allowed on or about the premises. Misconduct of any kind interfering with the comfort of Members shall be strictly prohibited.

The piano shall be used only for properly organized gatherings, and persons damaging any of the properties of the Institute shall be held personally liable.

In the event of a Member disregarding any rule, or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of the Committee, render him or her unfit for membership, the Committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel such member.

Any Member having cause for complaint shall state it in writing to the Secretary.

The Institute shall be open Monday to Friday, 6 to 10 pm., Saturdays 1.30 to 10.30 pm., all day on public and general holidays, and at other times as may be sanctioned by the Committee.
Any Member wishing to make a suggestion shall record it in the book provided for the purpose, and such suggestion shall be laid before the Committee at its next meeting.
The Committee shall have power to make and alter such rules and regulations for the conduct of their business as they may think proper.



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